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Dysgu Gartref Wythnos 12 Home Learing Week 11


Wythnos Mabolgampau / Sports Week

Grid gweithio o adre/Home learning grid

Grid gweithio o adref/Home Learning Grid

Gweithgareddau Ychwanegol/Additional Experiences

Dysgu Gartref Wythnos 12 / Home Learing Week 11

22/06/20 - 26/06/20

Rhyfeddodau'r Byd / 7 Wonders of the World

Dydd Gwener 26ain o Fehefin/Friday 26th June

Bore da pawb. Shwmae! Wel am wythnos ansbardigaethus! Mae'r tymheredd wedi bod yn dwymach na'r Caribî yng Nghaerffili. Rydw i'n siŵr baswn i'n gallu tyfu llu o fananas yn lle'r hen sbigoglys arferol.  Gobeithio eich bod chi i gyd wedi mwynhau ac wedi cymryd gofal yn yr haul.
Mae'n Gwener Gwych heddiw felly cyfle i chi fwynhau ac ymlacio. Edrychaf ymlaen at weld chi i gyd am 11.30 am gwis ac i ddathlu unrhyw atgofion sydd gennych chi o'r misoedd diwethaf.
Hwyl am y tro

Good morning all, how are you all doing? Well, what a wonderful week it's been! The temperature has been hotter than the Caribbean in Caerphilly. I'm sure I could've grown banana's instead of the boring old spinach. I hope you've enjoyed the weather and have stayed safe in the sun.

It's Fun Friday today, a chance for you to chill out and relax. I look forward to catching up with you all on Google Meet at 11.30 for a quiz and a chance to catch up on the last few months.

Goodbye for now

Mrs Morris

Gwybodaeth ar Google Meets 29/06/20-17/07/20

Dydd Iau 25ain o Fehefin/Thursday June 25th

Bore da pawb, am ddiwrnod bendigedig ddoe! Gyda'r tymheredd yn codi unwaith eto heddiw, sicrhewch eich bod chi'n yfed digon o ddŵr a gwisgwch digon o eli haul.
Treuliais i'r wythnosau diwethaf yn paratoi at rhai ohonoch yn dychwelyd wythnos nesaf. Mae'r dosbarth yn barod ac rydw i'n edrych ymlaen at glywed lleisiau plant unwaith eto yn Nyffryn Wen.
Diolch i'r rhai ohonoch sydd yn parhau ymuno a Google meets a danfon gwaith, mae hi dal yn bwysig dyfalbarhau er mwyn sicrhau eich bod chi'n parhau i ddatblygu sgiliau a gwella. 
Edrychaf ymlaen at weld pawb dros Google Meet yn hwyrach heddiw.
Hwyl am y tro

Good morning all, wasn't yesterday a stunning day? With the temperature set to increase today, please make sure you drink plenty of water and wear suntan lotion and a hat!

As you know I've spent the last few weeks in school preparing to welcome some of you next week. The classroom is ready and I'm looking forward to hearing children's voices in Dyffryn Wen once again. 

Thank you to those that are still joining the Google Meets and returning work regularly, It's still very important that you persevere as this will ensure you continue to improve and develop new skills. 

I look forward to seeing you all later on today

Goodbye for now

Mrs Morris

Dydd Mercher 24ain o Fehefin/Wednesday June 24th

Bore da pawb, am fore hyfryd unwaith eto! Gobeithio rydych chi i gyd yn mwynhau yn yr haul ond yn cofio i gadw'n ddiogel. 
Rydw i'n treulio pob dydd yn yr ysgol ar hyn o bryd, mae hi'n braf iawn bod nôl yn Nyffryn Wen. Rydym ni'n brysur yn paratoi tuag at rhai plant yn dychwelyd wythnos nesaf. Byddai'n rhannu mwy o wybodaeth gyda chi hwyrach heddiw.  
Roedd hi'n braf gweld chi i gyd dros Google meet ddoe a derbyn gwaith a chwestiynau dros e-bost, parhewch gyda'r gwaith caled.
Hwyl am y tro

Good Morning all, what another beautiful day once again! I hope you're all enjoying the sunshine. 

I have been spending a lot of time on school over the last few weeks, it has been lovely spending time in Dyffryn Wen once again. We are busy preparing for some children to return next week. i will share more information with you later on today.

It was lovely to see you all on Google Meet yesterday and to receive questions and completed work via e-mail. Keep up the good work!

Goodbye for now

Mrs Morris

Dydd Mawrth 23ain o Fehefin/Tuesday June 23rd

Bore da pawb! Gobeithio eich bod chi i gyd yn barod am ychydig o ddiwrnodau heulog a phoeth. Rydw i'n siŵr bydd hen ddigon o byllau neu hotubs dan eu sang yn y pentref dros y diwrnodau nesaf.
Sut ydy eich wythnos Rhyfeddodau'r Byd yn mynd? Ydych chi wedi darganfod unrhyw beth newydd? Oes unrhyw ffeithiau hoffech chi rannu dros Google Meet yn hwyrach?
Edrychaf ymlaen at weld pawb yn ein grwpiau yn hwyrach heddiw.
Hwyl am y tro

Good Morning all! I hope you're all ready for a few very sunny and hot days. I imagine there will be plenty of hotubs and swimming pools in the village over the coming days.

How is your 7 Wonders of the Worlds week going? Have you discovered anything new and exciting? Are there any facts you'd like to share over Google Meet later on?

I look forward to seeing you all in your groups later on today.

Goodbye for now

Mrs Morris

Dydd Llun 22ain o Fehefin/Monday June 22nd

Bore da pawb, am fore Llun hyfryd. Mae hi hefyd yn edrych fel wythnos braf iawn o'm blaenau, rydw i'n edrych ymlaen yn fawr! Gobeithio cawsoch chi i gyd penwythnos da yn dilyn cyffro eich Prom ar ddydd Gwener, roeddech chi i gyd yn edrych yn wych. Roedd hi'n braf i weld bron pawb yn ymuno yn yr hwyl a sbri.

Wythnos Rhyfeddodau'r Byd yw hi'r wythnos hon, cyfle i chi ymchwilio a darganfod mwy am Hen Ryfeddodau, Rhyfeddodau Modern a Naturiol. Ond, yn bwysicach, cyfle i chi berswadio'r cynulliad i dderbyn Castell Caerffili fel un o Ryfeddodau Cymru.

Yn anffodus ni fydd Google Meet am 10.30 heddiw, byddaf yn cwrdd â chi i gyd am 13.00. Mae'r manylion i gyd yn eich calendar. Bydd Google Meets gweddill yr wythnos yr un peth. Edrychaf ymlaen at weld chi i gyd am fwy o ddarllen, sillafu a mathemateg.

Hwyl am y tro

Good Morning all, what a lovely Monday morning is it! It's also looking like the week ahead is going to be beautiful, I'm really looking forward to seeing the sunshine again. I hope you all had a good weekend following the excitement of your Prom on Friday, you all looked fab and it was so lovely to see almost everyone join us.

This week we will be looking at The 7 Wonders of the World, an opportunity for you to research and discover more about the Ancient, Modern and Natural Wonders of the World. But, more importantly it's an opportunity for you to persuade the Welsh Government to name Caerffili Castle as one of the Wonders of Wales.

Unfortunately I have had to change todays Google Meet from 10.30 to 13.00. Please check your e-mail and calendars for more information. The rest of the week remains unchained, I look forward to seeing you all for more reading, spelling and maths. 

Goodbye for now

Mrs Morris

Grid Gweithio o adref WD 22/06/20

Dydd Gwener 19eg o Fehefin/Friday June 19th

Bore da!!! Mae'n ddydd Gwener ond yn bwysicach diwrnod eich Prom!
Rydw i'n siŵr rydych chi i gyd yn brysur yn paratoi tuag at yr achlysur.
Oes modd rhannu'r manylion gyda gweddill Dyffryn Wen sydd efallai ddim wedi clywed y negeseuon? Basau’n hyfryd i i gael pawb sy'n gallu i ymuno gyda ni.
Rydw i'n edrych ymlaen at weld pawb wedi gwisgo'n smart, wedi ymbincio ac at weld y steil a lliwiau gwallt amrywiol.
Edrychaf ymlaen at weld chi 11.30.
Hwyl am y tro

Good Morning! It's Friday, but more importantly it's Prom day!

I'm sure you're all very busy preparing for this event.

Could I ask you to share the information with all members of Dyffryn Wen who may not have seen our messages? It would be lovely to see all of those who are able join us.

I look forward to seeing everyone in their finery, I'm sure the hair and make-up  will be second to none. 

I look forward to seeing you at 11.30.

Goodbye for now

Mrs Morris

Dydd Iau 18fed o Fehefin/Thursday June 18th

Bore da pawb. O wel, diwrnod o law heddiw. Ond mae mwy o haul ar y ffordd. Hen ddigon o amser i chi baratoi at 'Virtal prom' yfory!
Dychmygaf eich od chi i gyd yn brysur yn ymbincio, ffeindio'r wisg berffaith, trefnu fake tan ac wrth gwrs bechgyn, twtio'r Covid cuts!!!
Byddwn yn cynnal ein Prom ar-lein am 11.30 - 12.30 yfory. Cyfle i chi wisgo yn eich dillad gorau, neu ddathlu eich hoodies gadel ysgol neu hyd yn oed eich PJ's, ond cofiwch fod angen sglein....bach o glitter i bawb!
Gallwn drafod ymhellach yn ystod ein Google Meets heddiw.
Hwyl am y tro

Good Morning all.  Oh well, a day of rain today, not to worry there's more sun on the way. This will give you enough time to prepare for our 'Virtual Prom' tomorrow instead of our Google Meet. 

I imagine you will all be busy getting preparing, finding the right outfit, organising make-up, tanning and of course boys, tidying those Covid cuts!!

The Prom will take place at 11.30-12.30 tomorrow instead of our usual Google Meets. A chance for your to show off your posh frocks and suits, celebrate your end of year hoodies or rock your best PJ's, but remember we need some sparkle....a little glitter for everyone!

Year 5 you have been part of the Dyffryn Wen journey this year, It's very important you join in this Virtual Prom as you are all part of the team! I also need some help judging the Prom King and Queen, I cannot make this decision alone...I need you!

We can discuss this further in today's Google Meets.

Goodbye for now, see you all later

Mrs Morris

Dydd Mercher 17eg o Fehefin/Wednesday 17th June

Bore da pawb, am fore hyfryd unwaith eto. Rydw i a Misty Morris wedi bod am dro hir yn barod bore 'ma. Roedd hi'n braf iawn cerdded o gwmpas y Castell yn yr haul, roedd hi mor dawel!! Amser perffaith i fi adael Misty'n rhydd i redeg ar y cae heb boeni amdani'n rhedeg ar ôl cwn eraill! Mae wrth ei fodd yn chwarae gyda cwn eraill ond mae hi'n gwrthod gwrando a dod 'nôl ataf!
Diolch am ymuno a Google Meets ddoe, mae eich darllen wir yn gwella pob tro rydyn ni'n cwrdd, rydych chi'n llwyddo i wella ac i ddatblygu eich sgiliau ymateb i ddarllen, da iawn chi!!
Yn anffodus mae newid i Google Meet grwp 3 heddiw. Yn lle 12:00 bydd y Meet am 10:30, plîs rhannwch gyda gweddill y grŵp. 
Diolch unwaith eto am anfon eich gwaith ataf, mae'n hyfryd i weld eich cynnydd. Cofiwch i ganolbwyntio ar ysgrifennu dros y diwrnodau nesaf, edrychaf ymlaen at ddarllen eich disgrifiadau Lliwiau'r môr a'r Escape.
Hwyl am y tro
Mrs Morris

Good Morning, what another lovely morning once again. Misty Morris and I have already had a long walk this morning. It was lovely walking around the Castle in the sun, it was so peaceful! The ideal time to let Misty off the lead for a run without having to worry about her running after other dogs.! She loves playing with other dogs but refuses to come back to me.

Thank you for joining in our Google Meets yesterday, your reading is improving every time we meet, you are all improving and your responding to reading skills are excellent.

Unfortunately I have to change group 3 Google Meet, it will change from 12:00pm to 10:30, sorry for the inconvenience. Please could you let the rest of the group know.

Thank you once again for sending me all of your work, It's lovely to see you all improving. Remember to concentrate on writing over the next few days, I look forward to reading your descriptions on Colours of the sea a.d The Escape.

Goodbye for now

Mrs Morris

Dydd Mawrth 16eg o Fehefin/Tuesday June 16th

Bore da pawb, diwrnod braf arall o'm blaenau unwaith eto. Gobeithio na fyddwn yn gweld y stormydd ffyrnig gwelon nhw yn y gogledd ddoe!
Diolch yn fawr iawn i'r nifer fawr ohonoch wnaeth ymuno a Google meets ddoe. Roedd hi'n braf iawn yn gweld hen ffrindiau yn dychwelyd, ac wrth gwrs i groesawi'r nifer fawr ohonoch sydd yn dychwelyd yn ddyddiol, dai iawn chi!!
Mae hi'n braf iawn bod nôl yn yr ysgol, er fy mod i'r gweithio ar fy mhen fy hun yn Nyffryn Wen mae dal staff yn chwifio trwy'r ffenest ac yn dweud helo. Mae hi hefyd yn braf iawn cael dod i'r pentref,  rydw i'n gweld lot mawr ohonoch yn cerdded neu'n seiclo gyda'ch teuluoedd. Byddaf yn dweud helo os ydy i'n gweld chi.
Ymlaen a ni am ddiwrnod arall o waith, cofiwch fod eich ffeiliau Cwm Rhymni yn dechrau llenwi gyda'r holl waith rydych chi'n anfon ataf, da iawn chi!
Hwyl am y tro

Good Morning all, what another beautiful day. I hope we don't see any of the storms they had up North yesterday.

Thank you to those that joined Google Meets yesterday. It was lovely to see old friends we've not seen in a while and without question it was fantastic to see those of you that have been regular daily attendees, well done!!

I's brilliant being back in school, even though I'm working on my own in Dyffryn Wen, staff still give me a wave as they walk by. It's also nice to be able to come to the village once again, I see so many of you out and about walking or cycling. I'll make sure to toot the horn and say hello to you all. 

So, another day and more tasks to complete. Remember to share your work with me, your Cwm Rhymni and year 6 folders are filling up nicely, well done all!

Goodbye for now

Mrs Morris

Dydd Llun 15fed o Fehefin/Monday June 15th

Bore da pawb, mae hi'n braf i weld y tywydd hyfryd y n dychwelyd unwaith eto. Gobeithio cawsoch chi benwythnos da. Rydw i a Misty Morris wedi bod yn helpu Bob yr adeiladwr....sori Mr Morris yn yr ardd unwaith eto.

Mae e wedi bod yn brysur yn adeiladu pergola (strwythur pren) yn yr ardd. Nawr mae'n rhaid i fi dyfu planhigion ar ei chyfer!!!! Efallai bydd angen lot mawr o help arna!

Yr wythnos hon byddwn yn dathlu wythnos Cefnforoedd y byd. Felly bydd rhan fwyaf o'ch gweithgareddau yn ymwneud a'r môr. Mae gennych chi her yr wythnos i geisio arbed dŵr. Cofiwch gyda'r holl dywydd twym mae dŵr yn dechrau mynd yn brin felly mae'n ddyletswydd arnom i arbed dŵr os ydyn ni'n gallu. Tybed pwt fydd yn arbed y mwyaf o ddŵr? Efallai gallwch chi gadw cofnod a rhannu gyda phawb dros Google Meet dydd Gwener?

Bydd Google Meets yr un peth yr wythnos hon.

* Amserlen google Meets

Dydd Llun 10.30 - Dosbarth cyfan - esboniad o waith yr wythnos

13.30 - Blwyddyn 6 cefnogaeth gwaith Cwm Rhymni

Dydd Mawrth - Dydd Iau

11.00 - 11.30 Grŵp 1

11.30- 12.00 Grŵp 2

12.00-12.30 Grŵp 3

Dydd Gwener 11.30 - Dosbarth cyfan - Gwener Gwych

Rydw i'n edrych ymlaen at weld pawb am 10.30.

Hwyl am y tro.

Mrs Morris Good Morning all, isn't it lovely to see the nice weather returning once again? I hope you all had a good weekend.

It's been another busy weekend for Misty Morris and I, we've been helping Bob the Builder.....sorry Mr Morris with his latest garden project. He has been busy, with the help of his assistants building e pergola in the garden. The problem being, now I need to grow some flowers to grow on it! I may need a lot of help!!!!

This week is World Ocean Week, the majority of your tasks will be based on the sea and oceans. This weeks challenge is to see how much water you can save. With all of this hot weather we've been having, reservoirs are starting to run low, so we need to save as much water as possible. I wonder who will save the most water? Maybe you can share your results on Friday's Google Meets?

This weeks Meets are the same as last week: 

Monday 10.30 - and 13.30 (Cwm Rhymni)

Tuesday - Thursday

Group 1 11.00

Group 2 11.30

Group 3 12.00

Friday 11.30 - everyone.

Please keep an eye on your calendars for any changes.

See you at 10.30

Goodbye for now

Mrs Morris

Grid Gweithio o adref 15-19/06/20

                                                                    Her yr wythnos/Weekly challenge

Dysgu Gartref Wythnos 10 / Home Learing Week 10

08/06/20 - 12/06/20

Wythnos Dwlu ar Ddarllen / Relishing Reading

Dydd Gwener 12fed o Fehefin/Friday 12th June

Shwmae pawb!! Mae'n ddydd Gwener! Gwener Gwych hapus i chi i gyd!
Am wythnos lwyddiannus. Rydych chi dal yn  gweithio'n galed iawn i gwblhau tasgau adref, ymuno a Google Meets ac i gefnogi a helpu eich gilydd. Am dîm!
Heddiw mae'n gyfle i ymlacio ac i fwynhau eich diwrnod, beth am wneud ambell dasg gwyddoniaeth neu gelf? 
Ffocws ein Google Meet heddiw yw 'Wynebau Gwirion'. Cyfle i chi rannu hunanluniau doniol neu hyd yn oed dangos ni eich ystumiau’n fyw am 11.30.
Gwelsoch ci'r cwis ar dudalen y dosbarthiadau?

 Pa mor dda ydych chi'n adnabod staff Ifor Bach? Oedden ni i gyd yn blant da? Cyfle i chi weld ac i ddyfalu pwy yw pwy. Tybed faint ohonoch bydd yn cael pob un yn gywir? Cafodd yr athrawon llawer o hwyl a sbri yn dyfalu neithiwr. Diolch yn fawr i Miss Evans am drefnu'r holl luniau.....a chadw'r cyfrinachau!!!
Edrychaf ymlaen at glywed eich atebion, efallai gall eich teuluoedd helpu.
Hwyl am y tro

Hi all, how are you? It's Friday!! Happy Fun Friday  to you all!

What another successful week. You're all still working very hard to complete tasks, join Google Meets and supporting and helping each other. What a team!

Today is a chance to relax and enjoy your day, what about completing a Science or Art task?

The focus of our Google Meet today is 'Funny Faces'. A chance for you to share silly selfies or even pull pull silly faces live on Google Meet at 11.30.

We have a quiz for you today. How well do you know the staff at Ifor Bach. We were all well behaved children? Here you have a chance to see us as young children and babies. I wonder if you can guess who's who? Staff had a lot of fun guessing last night. A big thank you to Miss Evans for organising the pictures...and keeping the answers a secret.

I look forward to hearing your answers, maybe your families can give you a helping hand.

Goodbye for now, see you all at 11.30,

Mrs Morris

Pwy yw pwy? Who's who?

Dydd Iau 11eg o Fehefin/Thursday June 11th

Bore da pawb, clywsoch chi'r glaw neithiwr? Doedd Misty Morris ddim yn hapus o gwbl, criodd hi am awr nes i fi eistedd yn y lolfa gyda hi!!! Rydw i'n gwybod, pwy yw'r ffŵl?!
Cawsoch chi ddiwrnod da ddoe? Roedd hi'n braf iawn i weld mwy ohonoch chi eto dros Google  Meet, wythnos nesaf bydd cyfarfodydd Mathemateg yn ystod y prynhawniau!!!
Diolch eto am yr holl waith rydych chi'n parhau i anfon ataf, rydw i wrth fy modd yn gweld eich ymderchion. Mae eich ffeiliau Cwm Rhymni a Blwyddyn 6 yn llenwi'n barod!
Bydd Google Meets arferol yn heddiw, edrychwch ar eich calendr i weld amser  eich cyfarfod chi.
Edrychaf ymlaen at weld chi'n hwyrach heddiw.
Hwyl am y tro

Good Morning all, did you hear the rain last night? Misty Morris really wasn't impressed and cried until I sat with her in the living room!!!! I know, who's the fool?!

Did you have a good day yesterday? It was lovely to see even more of you joining our Google Meet, next week we will be holding maths meetings in the afternoons!

Thank you once again for all of the work you are sending me, I am in my element seeing all of your continued  efforts. Your Cwm Rhymni and Year 6 portfolios are starting to fill up already!

Google Meets will continue to take place today, please check your calendar for times.

I look forward to seeing you all later on.

Goodbye for now

Mrs Morris


Dydd Mercher 10fed o Fehefin/Wednesday June 10th


Bore da pawb, Gobeithio cawsoch chi ddiwrnod da ddoe. Roedd hi'n braf iawn i weld yr haul unwaith eto. Roedd hi'n braf eto i weld mwy ohonoch dros Google Meet, mae eich ymdrechion i wella eich sgiliau darllen ac ymateb i ddarllen yn ardderchog. Cofiwch i ymuno eto heddiw.
Roeddwn i'n falch iawn i dderbyn mwy o waith eto ddoe, mae hi mor braf i weld nifer fawr ohonoch chi'n parhau i weithio'n galed er mwyn paratoi at heriau blynyddoedd 6 a 7. Cofiwch, rydw i'n cadw cofnod o'r hyn sydd yn cael ei gyflawni gyda Mrs Edmunds a Chwm Rhymni, maen nhw wrth eu boddau yn gweld ymdrechion Dyffryn Wen.
 Hwyl am y tro

Good Morning all. I hope you all had a good day yesterday. It was lovely to see the sunshine once again. Thank you all for joining in our Google Meets, I really appreciate the effort you're making to join in order to improve on your reading and response to reading skills. Please remember to join once again today.

I was extremely proud to receive even more work again yesterday, it really is fantastic to see so many of you continuing to work hard in order to prepare for the challenges that face you in years 6 & 7. Remember, i keep a note of everything that is completed and share this with Mrs Edmunds and with Cwm Rhymni, they are over the moon seeing the continued  efforts of Dyffryn Wen, keep up the good work!

Goodbye for now,I'll see you all later on today.

Mrs Morris

Dydd Mawrth 9fed o Fehefin/Tuesday June 9th

Bore da pawb, ond dydy hi'n braf i weld yr haul ac awyr las unwaith eto? 
Gobeithio cawsoch chi ddiwrnod da ddoe, roedd hi'n braf gweld rhai ohonoch dros Google Meet ddoe. Baswn i wrth fy modd i weld mwy ohonoch ar gyfer ein gwersi fyw bore 'ma.
Cofiwch fod y cyfarfodydd yn gyfle i siarad Cymraeg, gofyn unrhyw gwestiynau am dasgau'r wythnos a hefyd i gynnal gwersi darllen.
Diolch yn fawr i'r nifer mawr ohonoch rhannodd gwaith gyda fi ddoe, rydw i wrth fy modd yn dal lan gyda'ch gwaith caled, byddai'n parhau i ymateb i e-byst heddiw.
Cofiwch i drefnu eich hun er mwyn cwblhau tasg iaith a mathemateg pob dydd, bydd hwn yn helpu chi i lwyddo ac i baratoi am heriau blynyddoedd 6 a 7.
Edrychaf ymlaen at weld chi i gyd yn hwyrach heddiw.
Hwyl am y tro 

Good morning all, isn't it lovely to see the sunshine  and blue skies once again?

I hope you all had a good day yesterday, it was lovely to see some of you via Google Meet. It would be fantastic to see more of you today for our live lessons.

Remember these Meets are designed to support you with your weekly tasks, give you a chance to see friends and to talk Welsh with each other and also support your reading.

Thank you to those of you that sent me work yesterday, I thoroughly enjoyed seeing all of your hard work, I will continue to reply to e-mails and Classroom comments today.

Remember to organise yourself to complete at least one language and one maths task a day, this will ensure you succeed in completing all tasks. It will also help you prepare for the challenges in years 6 & 7.

I look forward to seeing you all later.

Goodbye for now

Mrs Morris

Dydd llun 8fed o Fehefin/Monday June 8th

Bore da pawb, gobeithio cawsoch chi benwythnos da. 
Mae hi wedi bod yn benwythnos da iawn yn nheulu'r Morris. Aethon ni i gerdded am oriau yn y gwynt cryf ar ddydd Sadwrn, roedd Misty wrth ei fodd yn rhedeg ar ôl dail a brigau, ac unrhyw beth arall oedd yn hedfan yn y gwynt!
Wel, mae'n ddydd Llun unwaith eto gyda chyfle i ni i gyd dal lan am 10.30. Rydw i'n edrych ymlaen at weld pawb er mwyn clywed eich newyddion ac wrth gwrs esbonio gwaith yr wythnos gyda chi.
Bydd Google Meet gwaith Cwm Rhymni (i'r rhai ohonoch sydd dal eisiau help) am 12.00 ac nid 13.30, yn anffodus mae gen i gyfarfod arall.
Rydw i'n edrych ymlaen yn fawr at weld eich gwaith unwaith eto'r wythnos hon. Cofiwch fod hi'n bwysig iawn i ddyfalbarhau ac i gyflawni gwaith o'r tŷ. Bydd y gwaith rydych chi'n cynhyrchu tra eich bod adref yn sicrhau rydych chi'n barod am heriau blynyddoedd 6 & 7. 
Bydd Google Meets dyddiau Mawrth - Iau  yn parhau fel wythnos diwethaf
Grŵp 1 11.00
Grŵp 2 11.30
Grŵp 3 12.00

Edrychaf ymlaen at weld pawb er mwyn parhau gyda'n gwersi byw.

Hwyl am y tro


Good Morning all, I hope you all had a good weekend.

It'd been a good weekend in the Morris house. We went walking for hours with Misty in all of that strong wind. She was in her element running after leaves and sticks, and anything else that happened to be flying around! More importantly I got to have coffee and cake in the garden with my parents yesterday morning. It was a real treat for Mum and Dad as this was the first time they've been to out other than a for their walk in almost 3 months!!! We had a lovely morning, eating cakes and drinking coffee.

There will be a Google meet today at 12.00 and not 13.30 for those of you who need to complete your Cwm Rhymni packs as I have a meeting this afternoon. 

I'm looking forward to receiving all of your work once again this week. Please remember the importance of persevering with your school work from home. The work you are doing is ensuring you are ready for the challenges of year 6 & & when you return to school. 

Google Meets will continue as last week Tuesday - Thursday

Group 1 11.00

Group 2 11.30

Group 3 12.00

I look forward to seeing you all for more online lessons.

Goodbye for now,

Mrs Morris

Gwaith iaith/Language

                                           Gwaith Mathemateg/Mathematics

Dysgu Gartref Wythnos 9 / Home Learing Week 9

01/06/20 - 05/06/20

Wythnos Dwlu ar Ddarllen / Relishing Reading

Dydd Gwener 5ed o Fehefin/ Friday June 5th

Bore da pawb, Gwener Gwych hapus i chi gyd!!!! Mae'r wythnos hon wedi hedfan, mae'n anodd meddwl taw dydd Gwener yw hi'n barod!!
Mae hi wedi bod yn wythnos lwyddiannus iawn yn Nyffryn Wen, mae'r Google Meets wedi bod yn wych ac yn fuddiol. Mae pawb sydd wedi mynychu wedi llwyddo i wella ar sgiliau darllen, wedi ymateb i ddarllen ar lefel uwch ac wrth gwrs wedi dechrau paratoi at ddychwelyd i'r ysgol. Hoffwn erfyn arnoch i barhau rhannu gwaith gyda fi, baswn i wrth fy modd yn darllen mwy o ddisgrifiadau a gweld mwy o ddatrys problemau mathemateg.
Ffocws ein Google Meet heddiw bydd i ddathlu doniau, mae rhai yn awyddus i rannu sgiliau newydd gyda'r dosbarth. Byddwn hefyd yn cynnal cwis yn dilyn eich awgrymiadau chi. Felly dewch a darn o bapur a phen yn barod. 
Edrychaf ymlaen at weld y dosbarth i gyd am 11.30.

Hwyl am y tro


Good morning all, happy Fun Friday to you all!!!! This week has certainly flown by, it's hard to believe it's Friday already!

We've had another successful week in Dyffryn Wen, our new Google Meets have been extremely useful. Everyone that has joined has succeeded in improving our reading skills, up levelling our response to reading skills and of course starting to prepare for a return to school and the challenges that years 6&7 offer. I would like to encourage you all to please send me any work you have completed, I would love to read more descriptions and maths problem solving activities. 

The focus of today's Google Meet is quite varied, we've had some requests to share newly found talents and then the biggest request is for a quiz, Make sure you bring a pen and paper ready for the challenge!! I look forward to seeing you at 11.30.

Goodbye for now 

Mrs Morris

Dydd Iau 4ydd o Fehefin/Thursday June 4th


Bore da pawb, i le aeth yr amser yr wythnos hon? Gobeithio eich bod chi i gyd yn hapus ac yn mwynhau  yng nghwmni’r teulu.....hyd yn oed yn y glaw!!!!

Roeddwn i wrth fy modd ddoe yn gweld mwy ohonoch dros ein Google Meets. Braf iawn oedd hi i glywed chi i gyd yn darllen mor rhugl a hyderus, rydych chi wir wedi codi fy nghalon. Rydw i hefyd wrth fy modd yn gweld eich gwaith caled dros Google Classrom ac e-byst, plîs parhewch i anfon pethau ataf.

Cofiwch i gael pip olwg ar her yr wythnos, faint o'r pethau ar y grid gallwch chi ffeindio ar hyd y lle? Tybed pwy fydd gyda 'full house'? 

Edrychaf ymlaen at weld chi i gyd yn hwyrach, hwyl am y tro


Good morning everyone, where has the time gone this week? I hope you're all happy and well, enjoying this time with your families....despite the rain! 

I was in my element yesterday seeing so many of you join the Google Meets. It was wonderful to hear you all reading so fluently and confidently, it really made my day, thank you! I also love receiving all of your work via e-mail and Classroom, please carry on sending me everything.

Remember to look at this weeks challenge, can you find examples of everything on the grid, I wonder if we'll have any full houses?

I look forward to seeing you all later, goodbye for now.


Mrs Morris

Dydd Mercher 3ydd o Fehefin/Wednesday June 3rd


Bore da pawb, i le aeth yr haul? Er hynny, rydw i'n siŵr bydd lot mawr ohonoch chi yn falch i deimlo'r tymheredd yn gostwng yn dilyn nosweithiau hir heb gwsg.
Roedd hi'n braf gweld cryn dipyn ohonoch chi dros ein Google Meets ddoe. Rydw i'n gwybod roedd bach o ddryswch gyda'r amserlen, peidiwch â phoeni gallwch chi ddal ymuno heddiw. Os ydych chi'n ansicr o'ch amserlen edrychwch ar eich calendr ar y waffle ar Google Drive neu ar y tab calendr ar dop tudalen Google Classroom. Gallwch chi hefyd e-bostio fi er mwyn gwirio trefniadau.
Parhewch i edrych ar y grid er  mwyn dewis eich gweithgareddau, ac wrth gwrs cofiwch i ddarllen yn ddyddiol, mae'r linc i Gweiddi yn y bocs gweithgareddau dyddiol ar y grid. Edrychaf ymlaen at weld chi i gyd yn hwyrach heddiw.

Hwyl am y tro


Good morning all, where did the sun go? Although, I'm sure a lot of you are glad for the drop in temperature in order to get a good nights sleep. 

It was lovely so see quite a few of you over Google Meet yesterday. I know there was some confusion with regards to times and groups , please don't worry this was expected and you can join today. If you're unsure of when your slot is, please look at your calendar by clicking on your waffle on Google Drive or clicking on the calendar tab on your Google Classroom page.If all else fails, please e-mail me to check.

Please carry on with all of your hard work, you're all doing so well. Remember to look at the grid, decide what you want to do today and off you go! Remember to make sure you read Welsh every day, the link to Gweiddi is in the top daily activities box in the grid. I look froward to seeing you all later on today.

Goodbye for now

Mrs Morris


Dydd Mawrth Mehefin 2ail/Tuesday June 2nd

Bore da pawb, goebithio llwyddoch chi i gyd i gysgu neithiwr, er gwaethaf y tymheredd. Roedd hi mor braf gweld chi i gyd ddoe, doeddwn i ddim yn gallu credu faint rydych chi i gyd wedi tyfu. Cefais i sioc fy mywyd gyda phawb yn edrych mor aeddfed!
Rydw i'n edrych ymlaen yn fawr at weld chi i gyd yn ein Google Meets newydd heddiw, cyfle i ni weithio o fewn grwpiau llai ac i baratoi at heriau'r dyfodol. 
Cofiwch fod hi'n bwysig i chi cwblhau eich tasgau yn ddyddiol, os oes unrhyw broblemau  rydw ar gael dros e-bost i helpu chi trwy'r dydd.
Hwyl am y tro

Good Morning all, I hope you all managed a good nights sleep last night despite the temperature! It was so lovely to see you all yesterday, I couldn't believe how much you'd all grown. I had such a shock to see how mature you're all becoming!

I'm looking forward to our new structure in our Google Meets today, It's an ideal opportunity for us to work in smaller groups in order to prepare for any challenges that may face us in the future. Please check your calendar for your times.

Remember It's important for you to keep completing tasks and sending me any completed work, if there are any problems I am available via Google Classroom or e-mail to help you.

Goodbye for now

Mrs Morris

Bore da pawb a chroeso nôl. Gobeithio cawsoch chi gyd wyliau ymlaciedig, doeddwn i ddim yn gallu gofyn am dywydd gwell! Roedd hi'n wythnos brysur yn nheulu'r Morris, cymeron ni'r cyfle i chwynnu’r ardd, adeiladu a phaentio ffens ond yn bwysicach ymlacio a threulio lot mawr o amser yn cerdded Misty'r ci. Ac wrth gwrs, mwynheais i'n mawr gael fy ngwlychu gan ddŵr oer yn ymateb i sialens Cory, perffaith ar ôl rheded yn y tywydd braf. Roedd hi'n hwyl gweld rhieni yn ymateb i'r her hefyd, da iawn chi!
Rydw i'n falch iawn i fod nôl wrth fy ngliniadur unwaith eto, yn barod i ddechrau ar dymor cyffrous arall.  O leiaf gyda gweithio o adre does dim rhaid i chi glywed fi'n tisian a gweld fi'n crio gyda chlefyd y gwair, dydy hi ddim yn bert o gwbl! Oes unrhyw un arall yn dioddef yn ystod y  tywydd hyfryd yma?
Felly, nol ati! Mae gennym ni  newid bach i'r drefn yr wythnos hon, mae'r Google Meets wedi newid er mwyn i ni ganolbwyntio yng ngrwpiau llai. Bydd rhaid i chi edrych ar eich calendr er mwyn gweld pryd mae eich un chi. Byddwn dal yn cwrdd fel dosbarth heddiw am 10.30 er mwyn esbonio grid yr wythnos, gallai ateb unrhyw gwestiynau pryd hynny.


* Amserlen google Meets

Dydd Llun 
10.30 - Dosbarth cyfan - esboniad o waith yr wythnos
13.30 - Blwyddyn 6 cefnogaeth gwaith Cwm Rhymni
Dydd Mawrth - Dydd Iau
11.00 - 11.30 Grŵp 1
11.30- 12.00 Grŵp 2
12.00-12.30 Grŵp 3
Dydd Gwener
11.30 - Dosbarth cyfan - Gwener Gwych

Cofiwch i edrych ar eich calendr i weld eich amser.

Rydw i'n edrych ymlaen at weld pawb am 10.30.
Hwyl am y tro


Good Morning all, welcome back! I hope you all enjoyed a relaxing week , we could't have asked for better weather. It was a busy week in the Morris household, we took the opportunity to weed the garden, build and paint the fence, but most importantly we spent a lot of time relaxing and walking Misty Morris. Of course I can't not mention the chance to react to Cory's ice bucket challenge, the perfect way to cool off after a run in this beautiful weather.  Well done to those parents that joined in, I'm sure you had plenty of fun!!

I'm glad to be back at my laptop once again, ready for another exciting half term, I wonder what this one will bring? At least working from home you're all not subjected to my constant sneezing and crying due to my hay fever, It's far from pretty!  Do any of you suffer during this gorgeous weather?

So, back to business! We have a few small changes to our timetable this week, Google Meets are changing slightly so we can concentrate in smaller groups. Please look at your calendar/e-mail to check when you meetings are taking place. We will still meet at 10.30 today so I can explain this weeks grid to you and answer any questions you may have. 

* Google Meet timetable


10.30- 11.30 - Whole class - explanation of the grid

13.30- 14.30 - Year 6 - Cwm Rhymni work

Tuesday - Thursday

11.00-11.30- Group 1

11.30-12.00 Group 2

12.00-12.30 Group 3


11.30-12.30 Whole Class - Fun Friday

Remember to check your calendar fro your time slot.

I look forward to seeing you all at 10.30

Goodbye for now

Mrs Morris

Grid yr wythnos/Home learning grid

Year 6 - 'Growing Up' - advice and activities for parents

Hapus Ysgol Ifor Bach.mp4

Still image for this video

                                  Bore da/Good Morning

Dydd Gwener 22ain o Fai/Friday May 22nd

Shwmae pawb! Gwener Gwych hapus i chi i gyd! 
Gobeithio cawsoch chi ddiwrnod braf arall ddoe. Unwaith eto diolch am barhau i anfon lluniau a darnau o waith ataf, mae'n hyfryd i weld faint mae pawb wedi mwynhau'r wythnos hon. 
Rydw i wedi siarad gyda lot mawr o'ch rhieni dros y tridiau diwethaf, mae pob un ohonynt yn llawn balchder drosoch chi i gyd ac yn eich canmol i'r cymylau am yr aeddfedrwydd a pharodrwydd i ddyfalbarhau wrth weithio o adre. Rydw i hefyd yn hynod o falch o bob aelod o Ddyffryn Wen, rydych chi i gyd wedi cyrraedd yr her o weithio o adre'n wych!
Cyn i ni dorri am wythnos o wyliau i ymlacio fel teulu mae gennym ni un Google Meet arall am 11.30. Cyfle i ni orffen ein hanner tymor gyda bach o hwyl ac i ddathlu llwyddiannau’r hanner tymor diwethaf. Mae Mr Reeves wedi bod yn brysur yn rhoi holl luniau'r hanner tymor ar fideo i chi wylio ac i fwynhau wrth i ni orffen yr hanner tymor, cyfle i chi ddathlu'r wythnosau diwethaf, mwynhewch!

Hwyl am y tro

Shwmae all! Happy Fun Friday to you all!

I hope you all had another good day yesterday. Once again I'd like thank you all for continuing to send work and pictures to me, It's lovely to see how much you've enjoyed this week.

I've spoken to most parents over the last few days, each and every one of them couldn't be more proud of you, praising you for your enthusiasm for working from home and the maturity you've shown over the last few weeks. I'm also extremely proud of all members of Dyffryn Wen, you have risen to the challenge of working from home excellently!

Before we break for half term there we have one more Google Meet at 11.30, a  chance for a bit of fun and to celebrate our achievements over the last few weeks.

Mr Reeves has been busy collating all the pictures staff have collected celebrating the last half term, there is a video for you all to watch sharing all of the school's achievements, enjoy! 

Goodbye for now

Mrs Morris

Dydd Iau 21ain o Fai/Thursday May 21st

Bore da, am fore braf arall. Gobeithio cawsoch chi ddiwrnod da ddoe. Diolch unwaith eto am barhau i anfon gwaith ataf, mae’n hyfryd i weld eich bod chi'n parhau i weithio'n galed ac yn mwynhau ymchwilio i fyd gwyddoniaeth.

Cefais i ddiwrnod hyfryd yn siarad gyda rhieni ddoe, unwaith eto roedden nhw i gyd yn falch iawn o bob un ohonoch ac wedi syfrdanu ar ba mor aeddfed mae pawb wrth weithio o adref. Byddai'n parhau i gysylltu â rhieni heddiw, ond wrth gwrs byddai ar gael dros e-bost os oes gennych chi unrhyw gwestiynau.

Edrychaf ymlaen at weld eich ymchwiliadau gwyddoniaeth ac unrhyw waith sydd gennych chi i rannu gyda fi.

Hwyl am y tro

Good morning, what another gorgeous day. I Hope you all had a good day yesterday. Thank you once again for continuing sending work to me, it has been lovely to see that you are still working very hard and are enjoying your science investigations.

I Had a lovely day yesterday talking to your parents. Once again they were extremely proud of each and every one of you and amazed at how mature you all are as you continue to work from home. I'll continue to contact parents today, but of course I will be available through e-mail if you have any questions. 

I look forward to seeing what investigations and work you have to share with me today.

Goodbye for now

Mrs Morris


Bore da pawb! Am fore braf! Diolch yn fawr iawn chi i gyd am anfon gwaith ataf ddoe, roedd hi'n braf gweld eich holl waith caled. Roedden i wrth fy modd yn gwylio wyau yn teithio i'r llawr ym mharasiwtau amrywiol, ceiniogau yn disgleirio a lampiau lava yn byrlymu. Roedd hi hefyd yn braf siarad gyda'ch rhieni ac yn clywed pa mor falch maen nhw o'ch ymdrechion i weithio'n galed ac i helpu o gwmpas y tŷ.

Cofiwch does dim Google Meets tra fy mod i'n siarad gyda'ch rhieni, ond rydw i dal ar gael i helpu dros e-bost neu Google Classsroom ac wrth gwrs rydw i'n edrych ymlaen at weld mwy o ymchwiliadau gwyddoniaeth. Hwyl am y tro.

Good morning all, what a beautiful morning! Thank you all for sending me your work yesterday, It was fantastic to see all of your hard work. I thoroughly enjoyed watching eggs falling in parachutes, coins shining and lava lamps bubbling. it was also lovely to talk so to many parents, hearing how proud they are of you all for all the hard work you're doing and also how much help you're being around the house. 

Remember there are no Google Meets today as I will be talking to more parents. Remember I am still available to help via e-mail and Google Classroom, but more importantly I'm looking forward to seeing all of your exciting science investigations. Goodbye for now.

Mrs Morris 

Gwybodaeth pontio Blwyddyn 6/ Year 6 transition information

Bore da

Good morning

Dydd Mawrth 19eg o Fai/Tuesday May 19th

Bore da pawb. Gobeithio cawsoch chi ddiwrnod da ddoe wrth i chi ddechrau ar eich wythnos STEM. Mae rhai ohonoch wedi bod yn brysur yn cynnal ymchwiliadau gwyddonol yn barod! Roedd hi'n braf gweld ambell ganlyniad dros Google Meet prynhawn ddoe. Tybed pa ymchwiliadau bydd yn digwydd heddiw? Ydych chi wedi darganfod eich hoff ymchwiliad, neu efallai yn cadw'r gorau hyd at ddiwedd yr wythnos? Cofiwch i ysgrifennu am eich hoff ymchwiliad a'r ymchwiliad parasiwt ar hyd yr wythnos.

Byddaf yn cynnal cyfarfodydd rhieni heddiw felly does dim Google Meets am 11.30 a 14.30, er hynny byddai dal ar gael dros e-bost os oes gennych chi unrhyw gwestiynau. Mwynhewch eich diwrnod, cofiwch i rannu gwaith dros Classroom, e-bost gyda lluniau ar Facebook.
Hwyl am y tro

Good Morning all. I hope you all had a good day yesterday whilst starting on your STEM week journey, Some of you have already been busy planning and organising investigations already, well done! It was fantastic to see some results over Google Meet yesterday, I wonder what investigations will take place today? Have you  discovered your favourite investigation, or are you saving the best until  last? Remember to write about your favourite investigation and of course about your parachute investigation over the course of this week.

 I will be holding Parents meetings for the next three days so there will be no Google Meets at 11.30 or 14.30 , but remember I will still be available to answer any questions and help you via e-mail and Google Classroom. Enjoy your day and remember to share your work with me via Classroom, e-mail  or even post pictures via Facebook.

Goodbye for now

Mrs Morris

Dydd Llun 18fed o Fai/Monday May 18th

Bore da i chi gyd, gobeithio cawsoch chi benwythnos da yng nghwmni eich teuluoedd. Rydym yn ffodus iawn i weld yr haul yn disgleirio arnom am wythnos arall, cyfle i fwynhau’r awyr iach yn yr ardd. Yr wythnos hon yw wythnos STEM, cyfle i chi ymchwilio, darganfod a meithrin llu o sgiliau a gwybodaeth newydd. Gwyddonydd Dyffryn Wen yw Isaac Newton, byddwn yn ymchwilio i’w fywyd, damcaniaethau gyda chyfle i arbrofi gyda’i syniadau amrywiol. 

Un her fydd gyda chi am yr wythnos gyfan, bydd pawb yng nghyfnod allweddol 2 yn rhan o’r her. Bydd hwn yn gyfle i chi ddatblygu eich sgiliau gwyddonol dros yr wythnos. Edrychaf ymlaen at weld eich llwyddiannau dros Google Classroom. 


Pethau i’w cofio


Google Meets i blant yr wythnos hon 

Dydd Llun 10.30-11.30 - esboniad o waith yr wythnos

                  14.30 - 15.30 - Blwyddyn 6 - llyfryn Cwm Rhymni

Dydd Gwener 11.30-12.30

Galwadau rhieni Dyddiau Mawrth, Mercher ac Iau

Cofiwch i rannu gwaith dros Google Classroom/E-bost


Hwyl am y tro


Good Morning all, I hope you all enjoyed a lovely weekend with your families. We're fortunate to be looking forward to another sunny week, more opportunities to enjoy the fresh air in the garden or on your daily walk. This week is our STEM week, an opportunity to research, discover and develop a multitude of skills and new information. Our scientist of the week is Isaac Newton, we will research his life, discoveries and have an opportunity to investigate his theories.  

There will be one main challenge this week, a challenge that has been set to the whole of KS2. This is an opportunity to develop your scientific skills  over the whole week. I look forward to seeing your successes on Google Classroom. 


There are a few changes this week, here's a list of things to remember.

Google Meets

  • Monday 10.30 - Whole class - explanation of the week's work
  • Monday 14.30 - Year 6 - Cwm Rhymni preparation
  • Friday 11.30 - Whole class - Fun Friday

Phone calls to parents - Tuesday,Wednesday,Thursday - please note the timetable on school website/Facebook

Please remember to share work via Google Classroom/E-mail


Goodbye for now 

Mrs Morris

Her yr wythnos/Weekly challenge

Wythnos 18-22 o Fai/ Week 18-22nd May

Grid gweithgareddau'r wythnos/Weekly learning grid
Gweithgareddau dyddiol / Daily activities 

Dydd Gwener 15fed o Fai/Friday May 15th

Bore da, mae'n ddydd Gwener!!! Gwener Gwych hapus i chi gyd!!! Diwrnod braf arall o'm blaenau, gyda'r tywydd yn addo i wella dros y diwrnodau nesaf. Mae heddiw'n gyfle i chi ddathlu doniau. Her y dydd yw rhannu unrhyw sgiliau newydd rydych chi wedi datblygu yn ystod 'Lockdown' neu pa sgiliau ydych chi wedi mireinio arnynt yn ystod y cyfnod. Mae rhai ohonoch yn awyddus i rannu lluniau, clipiau fideo a hyd yn oed am berfformio'n fyw! Rydw i'n edrych ymlaen at ddathlu eich doniau yn ystod ein Google Meet dosbarth cyfan am 14.30. Hwyl am y tro, Mrs Morris


Good Morning all, it's Friday! Happy Fun Friday to you all!! What another beautiful day ahead of us with the promise of more lovely weather ahead of us for the weekend. Today is an opportunity for you to celebrate your talents. Today's challenge is to share any talents you may have developed during Lockdown or the skills you have improved on during this period in time. Some of you are keen to share pictures, video clips and even performing live  during our whole class Google Meet at 14.30! I look forward to a fun meeting celebrating the varied talents Dyffryn Wen have to offer. Goodbye for now, Mrs Morris. 

Bore da/Her y dydd

Good morning/Daily challenge

Dydd Iau 14eg o Gai/Thursday May 14th

Bore da!!! Am fore hyfryd, braidd yn oer ond braf i weld yr haul yn gwenu. Diolch yn fawr i chi i gyd am rannu eich lluniau 'Lockdown', roedd hi'n hyfryd i weld eich  yr ymdrechion. Bydd angen treulio amser yn yr ardd neu yn cerdded ar gyfer her heddiw. Wythnos diwethaf trafodon ni'r ffaith ein bod yn clywed a gweld mwy o adar ar hyd y lle. Felly, mae angen gweld pa adar sydd ar hyd y lle a gweld pa adar yw'r mwyaf poblogaidd i'n hardal leol. Edrychaf ymlaen at glywed a gweld eich canlyniadau. Cofiwch ein Google Meets am 11.30 a 14.30 i rannu unrhyw waith ac i ofyn unrhyw gwestiynau. Hwyl am y tro.


Good Morning!!!! What a beautiful morning, a tad cold but lovely to see the sun shining. Thank you all so much for sharing your Lockdown Pic Collages, it was lovely to see your memories. You will need to spend some time in the garden or or on your daily walk to complete your daily challenge. Last week we discussed the fact that we are hearing a lot more bird song whilst we are out and about. So, you are challenged with observing what and how many birds you can see in the local area, I look forward to seeing and hearing your results. Remember our Google Meets at 11.30  and 14.30, a chance to share and discuss any work you may have completed, and also to ask any questions. Goodbye for now

Mrs Morris. 

Cyfarfodydd rhieni Blwyddyn 6 / Year 6 parents meetings

Bore da/Her y dydd

Good morning/Daily challenge

Dydd Mercher 13eg o Fai/Wednesday May 13th

Bore da pawb. Gobeithio bod pawb yn barod am ddiwrnod llwyddiannus arall. Braf oedd gweld nifer mawr ohonoch dros Google Meet  prynhawn ddoe. Tybed faint ohonoch llwyddodd i gyrraedd eich heriau personol? Edrychaf ymlaen at weld unrhyw lwyddiannau a chynnyrch dros Google Classroom neu e-bost heddiw. Rydym yn parhau gyda heriau'r wythnos lles heddiw gyda her i'r teulu. Eich tasg yw defnyddio eich sgiliau TGCh i greu Pic collage sydd yn dangos bywyd teuluol yn ystod y cyfnod hwn. Cyfle i chi ddathlu eich teulu trwy luniau. Peidiwch anghofio ein Google Meets am 11.30 a 14.30, cofiwch mai rhain yn gyfle i rannu llwyddiannau gwaith ac i ofyn cwestiynau am dasgau sydd angen cwblhau. Edrychaf ymlaen at weld pawb yn hwyrach heddiw.


Good morning all. I hope you all had a another productive day yesterday. It was lovely to see so many of you on  Google Meet yesterday. I wonder how many of you managed to smash your personal goals yesterday? I look forward to seeing any successes and work via Google Classroom or e-mail later today. We are continuing our health and well being challenges today with a family challenge. Today's task is to use your ICT skills to create a family Pic Collage that shows family life at this moment in time. This is an opportunity to celebrate family through digital pictures. 

Please remember our Google Meets at 11.30 and 14.30, remember these are a chance for you to celebrate and share any work you have been doing but also to ask questions about tasks you need to complete. I look froward to seeing you all later today. Goodbye for now 

Mrs M

Dydd Mawrth 12fed o Fai/Tuesday May 12th

Bore da pawb. Braf i weld yr haul unwaith eto ac yn falch i weld diwedd ar y gwynt cryf gwelsom ddoe. Efallai byd mwy o gyfle i chi dreulio mwy o amser yn yr ardd heddiw. Gan ystyried y tywydd hoffwn gyflwyno her y dydd i chi. Mae'n ddiwedd wythnos Diogelwch yr Haul. Gwyliwch y clip er mwyn gweld y negeseuon pwysig. Ydych chi'n gallu creu hysbyseb Cymraeg i blant yr ysgol er mwyn  bwysleisio diogelwch yn yr haul. Rydw i wedi cynnwys clip i chi wylio er mwyn rhoi syniad o beth gallwch wneud. Os nad ydych chi eisiau creu hysbyseb, gallwch chi greu poster i roi yn y ffenest yn rhybuddio pobl o beryglon yr haul. Edrychaf ymlaen at weld eich cynnyrch a chlywed eich syniadau dros Google Drive. Cofiwch  am ein cyfarfodydd am 11.30 neu 14.30.

Hwyl am y tro.

Good Morning all. It is lovely to see the sun shining once again, I'm sure we are all glad to see the back of yesterday's strong winds. Maybe today is an opportunity for you to spend more time in your garden's? Considering the weather,  I'd like to introduce today's challenge. Today marks the end of Sun Safety week, watch the clip for more information on the main messages of Sun Safety. Could you create a clip in Welsh for children at Ysgol Ifor Bach sharing the main messages on Sun Safety? If you don't want to record a clip, making a poster would be a good idea to put in your window warning and informing pupils of the school of the importance of staying safe in the sun. I'm sure they will see these as they take their daily exercise. I look forward to seeing your work either on Google Drive or at our usual Meets at 11.30 and 14.30.

Good bye for now 

Mrs M

Get sun set - Slip, Slop, Slap, Seek and Slide

Bore da/Her y dydd

Good morning/Daily challenge

Dydd Llun 11eg o Fai/Monday May 11th

Bore da i chi gyd. Gobeithio mwynheuoch  chi benwythnos hir ac ymlaciedig yng nghwmni'r teulu ac yn parhau i gadw’n iach a diogel. Ein thema'r wythnos hon yw 'Iechyd a Lles'. Cyfle i ni ganolbwyntio ar les ac iechyd  teuluol a gymunedol wrth rannu gweithgareddau a thasgau amrywiol. Gallwch ddod o hyd i'r holl weithgareddau ar y grid gweithio dros Google Classroom ac wrth gwrs ar y dudalen hon. 

Cofiwch ein Google Meets yr wythnos hon, cyfle i drafod unrhyw gwestiynau a rhannu syniadau. Bydd Google Meet am 10.30 y bore 'ma (Dydd Llun) ar gyfer blwyddyn 6 i barhau gyda thasgau Cwm Rhymni. Byddaf yn cynnal y Meets arferol am 11.30 a 14.30 fel arfer.

Edrychaf ymlaen at weld chi i gyd yn hwyrach. Hwyl am y tro.


Good Morning all. I hope you've all enjoyed a relaxing long weekend with your families and are continuing to stay safe and well. Our theme this week is 'Health and Well being' . During the week we will be able to share activities and complete tasks that support and celebrate family and community well being. You can find all of the tasks and activities on the home working grid on Google Classroom and of course on this page. 

Please remember our daily  Google Meets, these are a chance to support any tasks, answer any questions and of course to support each other through sharing ideas.  There is a Google Meet for year 6 children today continuing supporting the Cwm Rhymni tasks. The usual daily Google Meets will also take place at 11.30 and 14.30. 

I look forward to seeing you all later. Goodbye for now. Mrs M

Grid gwaith WD Mai 11/Home learning grid WB 11th May

Celf i godi calon

Year 6 transition letter - Mrs Edmunds

V E Day yn Llundain- 1945

Bore da/Her y dydd

Good morning/Daily challenge

Dydd Iau 7fed o Fai/Thursday May 7th

Bore da pawb. Braf i weld yr haul yn disgleirio arnom unwaith eto heddiw. Diolch i chi am yr holl baratoadau tuag at ddathliadau diwrnod VE. Mae'r ymdrechion gydag addurniadau dawnsfeydd, bwydydd, gwisgoedd ac yn bendant steiliau gwallt wedi bod yn wych! Rydw i'n siŵr eich bod chi'n mynd i gael diwrnod hyfryd.

Clip y dydd heddiw yw datganiad heddwch Winston Churchill, gyda golwg ar ddathliadau diwrnod VE 75 o flynyddoedd yn ôl. Cyfle i chi weld undod a chyffro ledled y wlad yn ystod y cyfnod hwn. Ond cofiwch peidiwch â threulio’ch holl ddiwrnod yn y tŷ, mae'n gyfle i chwarae gemau, dawnsio, bwyta a dathlu gyda'r teulu yn yr haul. Hwyl am y tro .

Good Morning all. It's lovely to see the sun shining once again today! Thank you all fro the preparations you've been making towards our VE day celebrations. The efforts you've all made to bake,  decorate, dance, dress up and of course the hairstyles have been excellent, thank-you once again, I'm sure you're all going to have a fantastic day. 

Today's clip starts with Winston Churchill's declaration that war was over with a look at the celebrations that took place 75 years ago. This is a chance for you see first hand the unity and excitement as the nation celebrated.  But, please don't spend  the day indoors, today is an opportunity to play games, dance, eat and celebrate with your families in the the sun. 

Goodbye for now Mrs M

Dydd Mercher 6ed o Fai/Wednesday May 6th

Bore da pawb. Mae'n brwf iawn i groesawi'r haul nol, yn enwedig ar gyfer ein dathliadau diwrnod VE. Caswom diwrnod  llawn cerddoriaeth a dawnsio ddoe. Gyda Bethan a Zac (ac wrth gwrs Daisy) yn dysgu a pherfformio dawnsfeydd o'r cyfnod. Buom yn ffodus iawn i edrych o gwmpas rhandir teulu Garwain ar yr holl lysiau mae e'n helpu'r teulu i dyfu. Rhannwyd llu o waith celf a hanes dros Google Meet a Classroom, mae'n amlwg bod pawb yn mwynhau'n fawr! Hedddiw byddwn yn parhau gyda'n paratoadau, byddwn yn rhannu a dewis ryseitiau,paratoi bwydydd ac wrth gwrs yr addurniadau. Mae hefyd rhaid i chi feddwl am eich gwisg ac wrth gwrs eich steil gwallt. Dyme beth wisgais i a Miss Perry wrth i ni ddathlu diwrnod VE yn 2015. Mae yna 2 glip i chi wylio heddiw, cyfle i gael 'virtual tour' o'r Cabinet War Rooms yn Llundain. Dyma ble treuliodd Winston Churchill y ryfel yn cynllunio a gweithio tuag at fuddugoliaeth.  Edrychaf ymlaen at glywed eich cynlluniau dros Google Meets y dydd

Good Morning all. Isn't it lovely to welcome the sunshine back, especially for our VE day celebrations. We had a day full of music and dancing yesterday. We had Bethan and Zac ( and of course Daisy) performing dances from the era. We were extremely lucky to have a tour of Garwains family allotment, where he is helping his family grow a plethora of vegetables! There was a lot of art and history pieces shared via Facebook, Google Meet and Google Classroom, it's obvious that you're all enjoying this week very much! Today we will be continuing with our preparations, we will need to share, choose and prepare recipes and of course make our garden decorations. You will also need to think about what you're going to wear and of course your hairstyles! Here is a picture of Miss Perry and I celebrating the 70th anniversary of VE day in 2015. You have two clips to watch today, you will have the chance to take a virtual tour of the Cabinet War Rooms where Winston Churchill lived and planned his victory. I look forward to seeing you all during today's Google Meets.

Goodbye for now Mrs M

Dydd Mawrth 5ed o Fai/Tuesday May 5th

Bore da pawb. Gobeithio cawsoch chi ddiwrnod da ddoe yn dysgu caneuon o'r 1940au yn barod ar gyfer eich parti diwrnod VE ar ddydd Iau. Heddiw'r sialens bydd i ddysgu dawns! Byddaf yn rhannu esiampl Mrs Griffiths a'i merch Molly gyda chi. Gallwch chi ddawnsio gydag aelodau o'r teulu neu hyd yn oed tegan, ond bod chi'n ymuno yn y dathlu. Mae Alys wedi derbyn yr her o feddwl am TikTok i gyd-fynd gyda cherddoriaeth y cyfnod, bydd hi'n rhannu gyda grŵp ohonoch chi dros y diwrnodau nesaf. Mae Garwain a Bella yn mynd i barhau tyfu llysiau yn eu rhandiroedd, tybed os oes ganddyn nhw unwhryw 'Top tips' i helpu'r ni? Rydw i wedi rhannu'r ail ddarn 'Londons Longest Night' gyda chi. Gobeithio eich bod chi'n dysgu llawer am y Blitz wrth wylio'r rhaglen. Rydw i'n edrych ymlaen at Google Meets heddiw am 11.30 a 14.30, hwyl am y tro Mrs M.


Good Morning all. I hope you all had a good day yesterday learning 1940's songs in preparation for your VE day garden party on Thursday. Today's challenge is to learn a dance from the era! I will share a video of Mrs Griffiths and her daughter Molly with you as an example. You can dance with a member of the family or even your teddies just as long as you join in the celebrations!. Alys has accepted the challenge of creating a TikTok dance to 1940's music and will share it with some of you over the next few days. Garwain and Bella are continuing to tend their allotments, I wonder if they have any 'Top Tips' to help us grow our own vegetables.? I have shared the second and final part of 'London's Longest Night' with you. I hope this has helped you understand and learn a lot about The Blitz. I'm looking forward to our Google Meets at 11.30 and 14.30.  Bye for now Mrs M. 

Dydd Llun 4ydd o Fai/ Monday May 4th

Bore da pawb. Gobeithio cawsoch chi benwythnos da ac wedi mwynhau yng nghwmni'r teulu. Yn dymuno diwrnod 'Star Wars' hapus i chi i gyd, May the 4th be with you!!! Sori, methu helpu fy hun.

Mae hi wedi bod yn dawel iawn yn nhŷ ni; dros y penwythnos.  Aeth Misty Morris am sleepover gyda fy rhieni tra roedd Mr Morris yn trwsio'r ffens, methu aros iddi ddod adre.

Mae hi'n wythnos bwysig iawn ym Mhrydain gyda dathliadau VE day ar ddydd Gwener. Mae eich grid gweithio'r wythnos hon yn llawn gweithgareddau yn ymwneud a'r Ail Ryfel Byd. Cyfle i chi ymchwilio, creu a mwynhau llu o weithgareddau wedi selio ar y cyfnod pwysig yn ein hanes. Edrychaf ymlaen at weld eich paratoadau tuag at barti'r ardd ar ddydd Iau.

Blwyddyn 6 cofiwch Google Meet 9.30 heddiw, cyfle i drafod task Cwm Rhymni. Hwyl am y tro


Good Morning, I hope you all had a lovely weekend with your families. Wishing you all a happy Star Wars Day, May the 4th be with you! Sorry, couldn't resist. 

It has been very quiet in the Morris house this weekend. Misty Morris went for a sleepover at my parents house, whilst Mr Morris fixed our fence. I can't wait for her to come home.

It's a very important week for Britain this week, with VE day celebrations taking place all week. Your grid this week is full of activities based on World War Two. You'll have the chance to research, create and enjoy a multitude of activities based on this moment in history. I look forward to seeing your garden party preparations. 

Year 6 remember our Google Meet at 9.30, a chance to explain the task given to you by Cwm Rhymni.

Bye for now

Mrs M

Grid gweithio WD 04/05/20 Home learning grid

Adnoddau i gefnogi'r grid/Resources to support the grid - more can be found on Google Classroom

Sing as We Go

World War 2 sing along.

Wythnos VE Week 4.5.20

Bore da/Her y dydd

Good morning/Daily challenge

Dydd Gwener Mai 1af/Friday May 1st

Bore da! Mae'n braf i weld yr haul yn ymddangos heddiw, croeso nol! Mae Gwener Gwych wedi cyrraedd, cyfle i ni ymlacio gyda'r teulu, mwynhau ac wrth gwrs edrych yn wirion. Mae gennym ni ychydig o heriau i gyflawni heddiw, ydych chi'n barod i'w wynebu? Mae LOT mawr ohonoch wedi trafod y peth gorau am fod adre yw'r bwyd! Felly, beth am i ni gyfuno her y dydd gyda bwyd? Ydych chi'n hoffi cracer? Faint o amser ydy hi'n cymryd chi i fwyta 3 cracer.....heb ddiod!!! Gall hwn fod yn her i'r teulu i gyd, pwy fydd yn ennill? Edrychaf ymlaen at weld unrhyw glipiau, neu fel gofynnodd rhai ddoe, gallwn gyflawni'r sialens gyda'n gilydd dros Google Meet yn hwyrach heddiw, gallwch chi ddewis. Thema ein Google Meet am 14.30 yw Gwallt Gwirion a gwisgo coch,gwyn a gwyrdd er mwyn cefnogi'r Urdd. Roedd rhai ohonoch yn gyffrous iawn wrth gynllunio eich gwallt ddoe, bydd hwn yn ddiddorol. Hwyl am y tro, edrychaf ymlaen at weld pawb ar Google Meet am 14.30.


Good Morning! It's lovely to welcome the sun back this morning! Fun Friday has arrived once again, a chance for us to relax as a family, enjoy and of course be e little bit bonkers! We have a few challenges fro you today, are you ready to face them? A LOT of you have mentioned the best thing about being at home is the food! So, why don'r we have a food challenge? Do you like crackers? How long will it take you to eat 3 cream crackers....without a drink!!!! This could be an individual or family challenge, who will win? I look forward to seeing any clips, or as some of you mentioned yesterday, we can do our challenge live at our Google Meet at 14.30, the choice is yours. I'll have my crackers ready just in case. Don't worry Garwain, the chocolate challenge is on the way next week. Our Google Meet today is a whole class Meet at 14.30, the theme is wild hair and wear red, white or green in support of the Urdd, this is going to be one interesting Meet!!! Bye for now, I'll see you all at 14.30.

Cream Cracker Challenge - World Record - 3 Crackers Eaten in the Quickest Time - Boobar Family Fun

Welcome to our Jacobs Cream Cracker Challenge also known as The Saltine Cracker Challenge, where today we attempt to beat the Record for the fastest time it ...



Dydd Iau 30ain o Ebrill/Thursday 30th April

Bore da pawb. Diolch eto i bawb sydd yn cadw’n brysur ac yn cefnogi eich gilydd. Roedd Meet ddoe yn lot mawr o hwyl gyda mwy ohonoch yn ymuno, efallai llai o drefn ond digon o hwyl! Roedd hi’n braf gweld sgiliau ymarfer corff Lloyd, da iawn ti!  Heddiw mae’n cyfle i ni fod yn wyddonwyr gwych. Ydych chi’n gallu pasio pensil trwy fag llawn dwr heb golli dŵr? Sawl pensil gallwch chi basio trwy un bag? Ydych chi’n gallu esbonio'r wyddoniaeth tu ôl i’r dasg? Cawn weld. Gwyliwch y fideo i ddangos y dasg a dilynwch y linc er mwyn deall y wyddoniaeth. Edrychaf ymlaen at weld eich ymdrechion.


Good Morning all! Thank you to you all for keeping busy and for supporting each other, Yesterdays Google Meets were a lot of fun with new faces appearing every day, maybe there was less organisation, but there was definitely a lot of fun! Lloyd's unique PE demonstration was hysterical, well done Lloyd! Today is an opportunity to develop your inner mad scientist. How many pencils can you pass through a bag full of water? Could you explain the science behind the task? Watch the video for the instructions and click on the link for the science bit. I look forward to see you efforts.

Bye for now

Mrs M

Leak-Proof Bag - Sick Science! -

Read the full experiment at Who would have ever thought that a plastic bag, some water, and a f...

Ateb her ddoe



Dydd Mercher 28ain o Ebrill/Wednesday 29th April


Bore da i chi gyd. Mae'n edrych yn fwy braf bore 'ma, gobeithio bydd y glaw yn cadw draw. Roedd hi'n braf iawn gweld mwy ohonoch dros Google Meet ddoe, cofiwch mai hwn yn gyfle da iawn i weld ffrindiau a hefyd i gael help gyda thasgau'r wythnos. Bydd rhai eto am 11.30 neu 14.30 heddiw. Diwrnod arall ac felly her arall. Faint ohonoch chi sydd yn hoffi pendroni dros rifau? Os  felly, bydd her heddiw yn wych ar eich cyfer chi. Ydych chi'n gallu dyfalbarhau? Wnâi gyhoeddi'r ateb yfory. Hwyl am y tro, Mrs M


Good Morning all. It's looking slightly brighter this morning, let's hope the rain keep away. It was lovely to see more of you on Google Meet yesterday, remember this is an ideal opportunity to chat with friends and get any help you may need with you weekly tasks. Today's Meets will be at 11.30 and 14.30. So, another day, another challenge. How many of you enjoy thinking of ways to solve number problems? If so, today's challenge is for you. Will you persevere? I will publish the answer tomorrow. 

Goodbye for now, Mrs M

Her Mathemateg


Dydd Mawrth Ebrill 28ain/Tuesday April 28th

Bore da i chi gyd. Rydw i'n gobeithio cawsoch chi gyd diwrnod da ddoe gyda digon i gadw chi'n brysur. Roeddwn i a Misty Morris wrth ein boddau yn darllen nofel y dydd, rydw i'n credu ei bod hi'n mwynhau amser stori erbyn hyn Faint o ohonoch chi sydd yn hoffi her? Wel, her heddiw yw un gelf, ydych chi'n gallu tynnu llun 3D? Gwyliwch y clip er mwyn creu llaw 3D, edrychaf ymlaen at weld eich canlyniadau.
Cofiwch i edrych ar eich e-byst i weld pryd mae eich Google Meet. Mae gwahoddiadau dros e-bost wedi anfon at bawb. Mae hwn yn gyfle i ofyn unrhyw gwestiynau am dasgau'r wythnos ac wrth gwrs, cyfle i weld a siarad gyda ffrindiau.
Hwyl am y tro

Mrs M


Good Morning everyone. I hope you all had a good day yesterday keeping busy. Misty Morris and I were in our element recording the novel of the day, I think she enjoys story time by now. How many of you need a challenge today? Well, today's challenge is an art one, can you draw a 3D picture? Watch the clip in order to draw a 3D hand. I look forward to seeing  your results. 

Remember to check your emails to see when your Google Meet is. Invitations have been sent via e-mail to you all, This is an ideal opportunity to ask any questions about this weeks tasks, and of course, a chance to see and chat wit friends.

Goodbye for now

Mrs M

How to Draw a 3D Hand - Trick Art Optical Illusion

Dydd Llun Ebrill 27ain/Monday April 27th


Bore da pawb!
Dyma ni, wythnos arall, gyda mwy o heriau a gobeithio bach o hwyl. Sut aeth y crisialau siwgr? Oes unrhywun wedi llwyddo? Rydw i wedi cynnwys grid tasgau' r wythnos ar Google Classroom ac ar wefan yr ysgol. Mae'r tasgau Mathemateg ac Iaith i gyd wedi newid, gydag ychwanegiadau at Wyddoniaeth a Hanes. Sicrhewch eich bod chi'n rhannu unrhyw waith dros Google Classroom/Drive er mwyn i fi gynnig y ffordd ymlaen neu gynnig help. Yr wythnos hon mae yna glipiau i gefnogi gwersi Mathemateg, dilynwch nhw yn yr un drefn ac maen nhw ar y grid.

Mae newid bach i drefn Google Meets yr wythnos hon, bydd rhai yn y bore am 11.30 a rhai yn y prynhawn am 14.30. Mae'r grwpiau yn llai ac felly cyfle i ni drafod gwaith ac i fi cynnig help. Byddwch yn derbyn e-bost yn esbonio pryd mae Meet chi, cliciwch ar y linc yn yr e-bost i ymuno a'r Meet. Bydd cyfarfod Dydd Gwener yn agored i bawb er mwyn i ni ddathlu Gwener Gwych,

Edrychaf ymlaen yn fawr at yr wythnos, rydym yn dechrau edrych ar ddechrau'r Ail Ryfel Byd er mwyn paratoi tuag at ddathliadau VE Day wythnos nesaf! Hwyl am y tro . Mrs M


Morning all! 

Here we are, another week with more challenges ahead and hopefully some fun! How did you get on with the edible crystals? Has anyone succeeded? I've added this weeks tasks for this week to Google Classroom and our Website. The Maths and Language tasks have all changed with additions to Science and History, the whole grid will change by next week so please take the time to consider activities from all boxes. Please make sure you share work via Google Classroom/Drive so that I am able to support you and give you targets. There are video clips to support Mathematics on Google \classroom, please use these in the order they appear on the grid.

There is a small change to Google Meets this week, there will be meetings at 11.30 and 14.30 for two specific groups,  you will receive an email letting you know which meeting to attend, all you need to do is follow the link on your email at the time given and join. Our Feelgood Friday meeting is for everyone. 

I am looking forward to this week, we are starting to research and work on The Second World War in preparation for VE Day celebrations next week. 

Goodbye  for now, Mrs M

Grid Dysgu/Home learning grid 27/04/20

Please find supporting documents below, these are also on Google Classroom


Bore da/Her y dydd

Good morning/Daily challenge

Dydd Gwener Ebrill 24ain

Bore da! Gwener Gwych hapus i chi gyd!!! Heddiw mae'n gyfle i chi fwynhau gyda'r teulu. Mae gen i her fach wahanol i chi heddiw, bach hwyl. Tybed pwy fydd yn llwyddo. Rydw i'n edrych ymlaen at weld y canlyniadau ar Google Classroom, Facebook y dosbarth, neu hyd yn oed yn fyw ar ein Google Meet am 14.30. Mwynhewch eich diwrnod, gwelai chi brynhawn 'ma! Gobeithio bod Zac yn barod gyda'r gerddoriaeth!


Good Morning! Happy Fun Friday to you all!!! Today is the chance for you to have fun with the family.. I do have one slightly different challenge for you today, hopefully a bit of fun. I wonder who will succeed?I very much look forward to seeing your results via Google Classroom, Facebook or even live on or Google Meet at 14.30.Please enjoy your day and I will see you all this afternoon. I hope Zac has the music ready!

Dydd Iau Ebrill 23ain


Bore da pawb! Diwrnod braf arall a her arall i blant Dyffryn Wen. Sut aeth pos ddoe? Roedd rhai ohonoch yn agos iawn prynhawn ddoe, tybed os helpodd y cliw o gwbl? Heddiw mae gennym ni bach o Wyddoniaeth. Ydy hi'n bosib tyfu crisialau? A'i fwyta? Dilynwch y linc i weld os gallwch chi dyfu crisialau. 


Morning all?Another beautiful day, another challenge for Dyffryn Wen. How did yesterdays challenge go? Some of you were very close yesterday afternoon, I wonder if the clue helped at all? Today we have a scientific challenge. Is it possible to grow edible crystals? Follow the link to see if you can grow crystals, I look forward to seeing the results.

Ateb pos ddoe/Yesterday's answer

Cliw ar gyfer y pos/Clue for today's challenge

Dydd Mercher 22ain o Ebrill


Bore da!
Braf i ddihuno i'r heulwen unwaith eto. Gobeithio mwynheuoch chi eich her origami ddoe. Her wahanol heddiw, ydych chi'n gallu dyfalbarhau er mwyn datrys y broblem? Wnâi rannu cliw gyda chi dros Google Meet ac ar Classroom am 14.30. Byddaf  yn cyhoeddi'r ateb yfory! Mwynhewch!


Good Morning all!

It's lovely to wake up to the sunshine once again. I hope you enjoyed yesterdays origami challenge, how did you get on? A different challenge today, I wonder if you can persevere in order to solve the problem. I'll share a clue with you on today'r Google Meet and on Google Classroom at 14.30. The answer will be published tomorrow morning, enjoy!!!


Dydd mawrth 21ain o Ebrill/Tuesday 21st April


Bore da pawb, am fore braf! Cyfle ar gyfer Yoga yn yr ardd efallai? Neu hyd yn oed cynllunio sut gallwch chi gyflawni milltir y dydd yn yr ardd?

Good   Morning everyone, what a beautiful morning! An ideal opportunity for some yoga in the garden? Or maybe a chance to plan how to complete your daily mile in the garden, around the house?

  Mae gen i her Celf i chi heddiw. Dilynwch y linc ac ewch ati i arbrofi gyda origami, tybed pa anifail, siapau gallwch chi greu? Edrychaf ymlaen at weld y canlyniadau dros Google Drive neu Facebook.

  I have a small challenge for you today.Follow the link below and see if you can become an origami master, I wonder what animals or shapes you can create? I'll look forward to seeing your creations on Google Drive or our Facebook page later on today.  

Peidiwch anghofio Google Meet am 14.30 ac wrth gwrs byddaf ar gael dros e-bost trwy'r dydd.  

 Dont forget our daily Google Meet at 14.30, of course I'll be available on email if you have any questions or need anything from me.

Mrs M

Dyma eich log dysgu ar gyfer yr wythnos hon 20/04/20, bydd dogfennau i gefnogi i helpu ac i herio chi ar Google Classroom. Parhewch i ysgrifennu a rhannu eich dyddiaduron/This is your learning log for the week beginning 20/04//20. There are documents to support and challenge you on Google Classroom. Continue to write and share your diaries. Google Meet Mondays at 11.30 and every other weekday day at 14.30 if you need help or just want to chat.

                                                               Ymarfer Corff/PE

                                                              WD/WB 20/04/20

Cylchlythyr/Dyddiadur Mrs Morris


Bore da i chi i gyd, 


Sut aeth eich gwyliau Pasg? Roedd hi’n braf gweld yr haul yn tywynnu am ran fwyaf o’r gwyliau. Rydw i’n siŵr roedd wyau Pasg di-ri yn eich tai chi! Gobeithio doedd neb yn sâl gyda’r holl siocled! Chwaraeais i ran y Bwni Pasg ar fore Sul Pasg, es i dy Mam a Dad (yn dilyn siopa angenrheidiol) a gadael wyau Pasg a blodau ar stepen y drws, sypreis neis i Mam a Dad!.  

How were your Easter holidays? 

Wasn’t it lovely to see the sun shining for the majority of the holidays. I’m sure there was a mountain of Easter eggs in everyone’s homes! I hope no-one was ill after eating all of that chocolate! I played the part of the Easter Bunny on Easter morning, I snuck to my parents house (after I went for my essential shop) and left Easter eggs and flowers on their doorstep, a lovely surprise for Mum and Dad.


Rydw i Mr Morris ac wrth gwrs Misty Morris wedi mwynhau treulio amser yn yr ardd ac wrth gwrs cerdded yn ddyddiol! Yn anffodus mae coesau bach Misty (a Mr Morris) yn dechrau brifo gyda’r holl gerdded. Erbyn hyn mae gennym ni sawl ffordd o gerdded, hoff ffordd Misty yw heibio’r llyn ar Castle View, ar hyd heol Martin Sant, i lawr trwy’r pentref, trwy gerddi'r Castell ac yna adref. Mae’r daith nol i’r tŷ yn heriol ar adegau, mae heol Nantgarw yn hir iawn yn y tywydd braf!


Mr Morris and I, and of course Misty Morris, have enjoyed spending time in the garden and of course our daily walks! Unfortunately Misty’s little legs (and Mr Morris’) have started to ache because of all the walking. By now we have several routes we like to walk. Misty’s favourite is to walk beside the lake at Castle View, along St Martins Road, down through the town and through the Castle gardens alongside the moat as we make our way home. Although the walk up Nantgarw road can be challenging at times, it’s a very long walk when the weather is so warm. 


Rydw falch i rannu fy mod i  wedi parhau gyda gwella fy sgiliau rhedeg dros yr wythnosau diwethaf. Pob dydd Sul rydw i’n paratoi at redeg o gwmpas Caerffili. Rydw i’n gwisgo fy nghrys oren a pharatoi’r gerddoriaeth ac off a fi! Ges i sioc fy mywyd ddoe, llwyddais i redeg 11.8km!!!! Er hynny, mae fy nghoesau’n brifo heddiw, diolch byth mae’r ysgol yn dechrau heddiw!


I’m very proud to share that I have continued to improve my running skills over the last few weeks. Every Sunday I get ready to run around Caerphilly. I wear my orange T-Shirt, get my playlist ready and off I go! I had such a shock yesterday, I managed to run 11.8km!! I’m paying for it today, my legs are aching! I’m so glad school starts once again today!


Felly, dyma ni! Yn barod i weithio a chanolbwyntio ar waith ysgol unwaith eto. Byddaf yn llwytho’r grid gweithio o adre ar Google Classroom, wefan yr ysgol ac ar Facebook am 09.00am pob bore Llun. Byddaf yn cynnal Google Meet am 11.30 pob dydd Llun er mwyn esbonio’r grid i chi. Ond, peidiwch â phoeni bydd y Google Meets eraill dal yn digwydd am weddill yr wythnos er mwyn i ni ddal lan a chael clonc fach.


So, here we are! Ready to work and concentrate on school work once again! I will upload the home learning grid on Google Classroom, our school webpage and on Facebook by 09.00am every Monday morning. On Mondays we will have a Google Meet at 11.30 so I can explain the tasks and the grid to you all. Please don't worry, our usual Google Meets will still take place over the rest of week so we can still have a chat and catch up. 


Dyna hi am nawr, edrychaf ymlaen at weld chi i gyd dros Google Meet bore ‘ma.


That’s it for now, I look forward to seeing you all on Google Meet later on this morning.


Mrs M  x




Bore da pawb!!


Mae wedi bod yn wythnos eithaf od yn nhŷ’r Morris’s. Mae Misty dal wedi drysu’n llwyr gyda fi a Mr Morris yn y tŷ trwy’r dydd. Mae hi wrth ei fodd yn chwarae trwy’r dydd, yn dod a theganau atom pob munud er mwyn i ni daflu  - fel mae llawer ohonoch wedi gweld dros Google Meet! Yn anffodus, mae’r holl chwarae a cherdded yn ormod i’w choesau byr ac felly mae hi’n cysgu’n drwm erbyn 8 o’r gloch pob nos!!

It’s been quite an odd week in the Morris household. Misty is still confused because Mr Morris and I are home everyday. She’s in her element being able to play all day, constantly bringing us toys to throw for her to fetch - as many of you may have seen on Google Meet. Sadly, all of this playing and walking is too much for her little legs and she’r sleeping like a log by 8pm every evening!


Ges i fore hyfryd yn carco plant yng Nghwm Rhymni ar fore Iau. Roedd hi’n braf treulio amser gyda phlant unwaith eto. Ond, roeddwn i’n gweld eisiau plant Ifor Bach ac wrth gwrs aelodau Dyffryn Wen. Cefais i lot o hwyl yn agor y sgrin ar gyfer Google Meet dydd Gwener, roedd yr hetiau’n wych! Bydd rhaid i ni feddwl am her arall ar gyfer ein cyfarfod nesaf, oes syniadau gennych chi? 

I had a lovely morning looking after key workers' children in Cwm Rhymni on Thursday morning. It really was nice spending time with children once again. However, it did make me miss Ifor Bach a lot more, especially my Dyffryn Wen crew. Opening the Google Meet screen on Friday was hysterical, your hats were fantastic! We’ll have to think of a new theme for our next meeting, do you have any ideas? 


Mae Alys wedi e-bostio gyda her i staff yr ysgol i ddysgu TikTok er mwyn rhannu gyda chi! Rydw i wedi pasio’r cais ymlaen Alys, cawn weld beth fydd y canlyniad. Dyma fydd fy her dros yr wythnosau nesaf, i ddysgu sgiliau dawnsio newydd. Tybed pa sgiliau newydd byddech chi’n dysgu dros yr wythnosau nesaf? Edrychaf ymlaen at weld nhw ar ein tudalen Facebook.Mae Ben yn barod wedi meistroli’r ffon pogo, tybed beth fydd nesaf?Mae ein tudalen yn gyfle i rannu pethau rydych chi’n mwynhau gwneud tra rydych chi adre. Hyd yn hyn mae dawnsio TikTok, coginio, lluniau gwych o’r lleuad ac o anifeiliaid anwes mwy penwan na Misty.


Alys has emailed with a challenge for school staff to learn a TikTok dance to share with you all at some point. I have passed on the challenge to staff Alys, watch this space. This will most definitely be my challenge over the next few weeks, to learn a new skill. I wonder what new skills you guys can develop over the next few weeks. Ben has already mastered the Pogo Stick, I wonder what will be next? So far our Facebook page shows TikTok dances, cooking, excellent pictures ranging from the sky at night to madder pets than Misty Morris.


Mae gwyliau Pasg yn dechrau ar ddydd Llun, cyfle i chi gyd ymlacio a joio gyda’r teulu. Byddaf yn cyhoeddi grid o weithgareddau Pasg ar dudalen Dyffryn Wen ar wefan yr ysgol. Does dim angen i chi wneud unrhywbeth ond mae digon o syniadau yna i gadw chi’n brysur! Mwynhewch eich gwyliau Pasg, byddaf yn cadw llygaid ar dudalen Facebook ac yn edrych ymlaen at ein Google Meet. Edrychaf ymlaen at glywed a gweld eich anturiaethau dros Basg, ,mwynhewch a bwytewch lwyth o siocled!! Cymer ofal a chadwch yn ddiogel.

The Easter holidays begin on Monday, a chance for you all to relax with the family. I’ll publish a list of activities to keep you busy on our class page on the website. You don't have to do anything, but there are plenty of activities to keep you busy if you’d like. Enjoy your Easter holidays, I’ll keep an eye on your Easter adventures on our Facebook page. Have a fab Easter all, enjoy and eat lots of chocolate!! Take care and stay safe. 




Noswaith dda pawb!! 

Good evening all!!!


Am benwythnos!!! 

Rydym ni wedi bod yn brysur iawn yn nheulu Morris. Mae Misty Morris wedi cerdded am filltiroedd ac wedi blino’n lan! Ydych chi’n cerdded gyda’ch cwn? Oes anifeiliaid anwes eraill gyda chi? Wrth gwrs, does dim angen anifail anwes er mwyn cerdded a chadw'n heini, mae treulio amser tu allan gyda’r teulu yn bwysig hefyd. Ydych chi’n llwyddo i fanteisio ar yr amser rydych chi’n cael treulio yn cerdded gyda’r teulu, yn rhedeg neu’n defnyddio beic? Faint ohonoch chi sydd yn mwynhau ar drampolîn yn yr ardd? Neu yn chwarae gyda theulu yn yr ardd?

What a weekend!!

The Morris household has been keeping very busy indeed. Poor Misty Morris has walked for miles and is exhausted! Have you been walking your dogs? Do you have any other pets? Of course, you don't need a dog to go on a nice walk or to keep fit, spending time outdoors with family is equally important. Have you managed to take advantage of the time we are able to spend getting some fresh air? Maybe walking with the family, or running or cycling? How many of you have enjoyed time on trampolines in the garden, or playing with brothers and sisters?


Roeddwn i fod i redeg fy ras 10k cyntaf ar ddydd Sadwrn ym Mae Caerdydd, yn anffodus gohiriwyd y ras oherwydd Covid-19. Felly, penderfynais i beidio siomi ac es i redeg o gwmpas Caerffili. Roeddwn i wrth fy modd ar ôl cyrraedd 10k mewn 1 awr ac 1 munud!! Er hynny roedd fy nghoesau’n brifo ar ôl gorffen…. A dal yn gwneud heddiw!!!!!

As you all know I've been training for the Cardiff Bay 10k for a while now, sadly it was postponed because of Covid-19. Instead of being disappointed I decided to run as far as I could around Caerphilly. I thoroughly enjoyed myself and managed 10k in 1 hour and 1 minute!!! Although, it did hurt my legs...they still ache today!!


Roedd hi’n braf darllen mwy o ddyddiaduron a chael y cyfle i siarad gydag Alys ac Arianna dros Google Meet. Oes rhywun arall am ymuno yfory? Bydd hi’n braf cael mwy ohonom, mae’n rhaid bod Alys ac Arianna wedi cael hen digon o siarad gyda fi. Gobeithio eich bod chi'n mwynhau gweithio o adref, mae gen i. Alys ac Arianna her TikTok i chi gyd, ond bydd angen i chi ymuno a ni yfory dros Google Meet i glywed y manylion i gyd! 

It was lovely reading more diaries over the weekend and being able to chat with Alys and Arianna on Google Meet. Is anyone else thinking of joining us tomorrow? It would be fab if more of us could join, I think Arianna and Alys have had enough of just me for company. I hope you're all enjoying working from home, Alys, Arianna and I have a TikTok challenge for you to complete but, you'll have to join us on Google Meet tomorrow for the full details!


Dyna hi am y tro, cofiwch i rannu mwy o’ch dyddiaduron! That's all from me for now, remember to share those diaries!

Mrs M





Prynhawn da pawb, 


Rydw i wedi cael diwrnod diddorol iawn hyd yn hyn. Bore ‘ma siaradais i gyda Miss Perry, Miss Bloor, Miss Jenkins a Miss Evans dros Google Meet. Rhannon ni ein newyddion a hefyd ein cynlluniau gweithio o adref plant Ifor Bach. Rydyn ni gyd yn brysur yn sicrhau bod digon i gadw chi gyd yn brysur! Ond cofiwch, mae’n bwysig mwynhau yn yr awyr iach a gyda’r teulu hefyd.

 Roedd Misty Morris wrth ei fodd yn ceisio chwarae gyda’i thegan a thynnu fy sylw  trwy’r adeg!!! Yr eiliad stopiodd y galwad eisteddodd hi’n dawel !!!


Dydw i ddim yn gallu lanlwytho lluniau ar hyd o bryd !!!! Wnai rhannu pan mae’r ffon yn gweithio.


Mwynheais i Google Meet gyda Bethan, Arianna, Layla, Alys a Caitlyn prynhawn yma. Diolch yn fawr i Layla a Miss Griffiths am helpu, roedd hi’n anodd iawn ond llwyddon ni yn y diwedd. Roedd hi’n braf gweld a siarad gyda phawb. Ac wrth gwrs ymunodd Misty Morris….eto!  Yn anffodus, rhewodd fy nghyfrifiadur felly roedd rhaid stopio! Byddwn yn cynnal un arall prynhawn dydd Llun am 2.30, bydd hi’n braf gweld mwy ohonoch, dim ond cyfle i rannu newyddion ac i ddal lan, peidiwch boeni byddai ddim yn rhoi mwy o waith i chi!!!  


Penderfynom ni fydd hi'n syniad da i bawb rhannu Selflies Silly dros Google Slides, byddai'n rhannu slide gyda chi er mwyn i chi ychwanegu lluniau hwylus (does dim angen un y dydd dim ond pob nawr ac yn y man) 


Mae’n amser cerdded Misty nawr ac wedyn dosbarth ymarfer corf arlein am 6.  Hwyl am y tro, wnai gysylltu eto ar ddydd Sadwrn.


Mrs M 



Noswaith dda pawb!


Wel, am ddiwrnod hyfryd!! Gobeithio gwnaethoch chi gyd y mwyaf o’ch amser yn yr awyr iach, ond dydy hi’n hyfryd i weld yr haul? Dechreuad da i’ch gwyliau Pasg! Beth wnaethoch chi heddiw i gadw’n heini?


Rydw i wedi cael ychydig o ddiwrnodau od iawn heb weld chi i gyd! Treuliais i ddoe yn trefnu pethau ysgol yn y tŷ a helpu Mr Morris gyda’i gyfrifiadur (mae e’n colli ei dymer yn gyflym iawn gyda’i gyfrifiadur). 


Mwynheais i gerdded Misty yn yr haul, cerddon ni am awr a hanner ddoe!! Dydy hi ddim yn hapus heddiw, mae hi’n genfigennus o fy nghluniadur ac yn gwrthod symud o fy nghol!!!


Bydd rhaid i fi gyfnewid gyda Mr Morris yfory, mae e wrth y bwrdd yn y gegin yn gweithio, er hynny mae hi dal yn amharu arno tra mae e wrth y bwrdd! Mae hi’n bwrw ei goes gyda’i phawen ac eisiau mwythau’n gyson.


Oes anifeiliaid anwes rhai ohonoch chi yn mwynhau mwy o gwmni?


Wel, yn dilyn cyhoeddiad Boris Johnson neithiwr rydw i wedi manteisio ar y cyfle i fwynhau rhedeg yn yr haul am y tro cyntaf eleni! Teimlad braf iawn, ond yn weddol iasol wrth redeg heibio i’r castell, doedd dim traffig a braidd neb o gwmpas.


Dyna hi am heddiw Dyffryn Wen, rydw i’n edrych ymlaen at ddarllen eich dyddiaduron. Cofiwch i ychwanegu teimladau, beth wnaethoch chi i gadw’n brysur, y tywydd, beth ddigwyddodd ar y newyddion ac unrhywbeth arall rydych chi’n credu byddwn ni’n hoffi clywed.

Hwyl am y tro  Mrs M 





              Gweithio o adre/Home learning

              Gwyliau Pasg   /    Easter Holiday  6.4.20  -   17.4.20

“Mwynhewch eich gwyliau Pasg.   Dyma rai adnoddau ar gyfer y gwyliau.”

           “ Enjoy your Easter holiday.  Here are some fun things to do.”

Defnyddiwch y Pŵerbwynt am fynediad at wefannau defnyddiol/Use this Powerpoint for access to websites on the grid.

Dyma eich log dysgu ar gyfer yr wythnos hon 30/03/20, bydd dogfennau i gefnogi i helpu ac i herio chi ar Google Classroom. Parhewch i ysgrifennu a rhannu eich dyddiaduron/This is your learning log for the week beginning 30/03/20. There are documents to support and challenge you on Google Classroom. Continue to write and share your diaries. Google Meet every day at 14.30 if you need help or just want to chat.


Atebion heno/Answers tonight

Dyfalwch teitlau'r ffilmiau/cartwn - Guess the film/cartoon Cliw/Clue No1- The Simpson's

1 Simpson’s
2 Mario and Ligi
3 Batman
4 Tintin
5 Dexters lab
6 Wallace and Gromitt
7 Family guy
8 Tom and Jerry
9 Buzz and Woody
10 Flinstones
11 Deadpool
12 Minions
13 South Park
14 Pinky and the brain
15 Futurama
16 Danger mouse
17 Micky and Minnie
18 Bugs Bunny
19 Star Wars
20 Star Trek
Deunyddiau Darllen Cymraeg/Welsh Reading Materials

Cystadleuaeth y Pasg, an Easter competition

Croeso i Dyffryn Wen!

Welcome to Dyffryn Wen!


Mrs.Morris yw ein hathrawes ddosbarth. 


Mae 30 o ddisgyblion blwyddyn 5 a 6 yn ein dosbarth ni eleni. Rydym yn edrych ymlaen at flwyddyn brysur, gyffrous a hapus i’n paratoi tuag y dyfodol.


Mrs.Morris is our class teacher. 


There are 30 year 5 & 6 pupils in the class.

We are all looking forward to a year full of exciting, happy and new experiences in preparation for our future development.


Ein Thema / Our Theme

Thema y tymor hwn yw ‘Mentro i wella'n dyfodol’. Edrychwch isod am ragor o fanylion.


Our theme this term is 'Venture to improve our future'. Please see below a detailed view of the things that we will be learning.


For regular photos and class activities follow us on twitter - @bachysgol


Pethau i’w Cofio

Ymarfer Corff - pob dydd Gwener (Bydd angen i blant wisgo cit chwaraeon i’r ysgol: llodrau / leggins du, crys-t gwyn a threiners).

Darllen - Angen dod a bag darllen i’r ysgol bob dydd.

Gwaith Cartref - Anogir pob plentyn i ddarllen yn rheolaidd. Yn achlysurol rhoddir darnau penodol o waith cartref megis sillafu ychwanegol, ymarferion rhifedd neu brosiectau thematig.

Poteli dŵr - Rydyn ni’n annog y plant i ddod â photel plastig o ddŵr wedi’i lenwi i’r ysgol bob dydd (nid sudd neu sgwash, er mwyn atal pydredd dannedd).

Eiddo coll - A allwch sicrhau bod enw eich plentyn wedi’i hysgrifennu tu mewn i bob dilledyn.

Clybiau - Gweler adran rhieni am fanylion clybiau.

Ffrwythau - plîs dewch â darn o ffrwyth i’w fwyta amser chwarae neu 20c yn ddyddiol i brynu darn o ffrwyth yn ein siop ffrwythau.


Things to Remember

P.E - Every Friday - (pupils are asked to wear P.E. kit to school so that they can change for lessons. Clothing should be labelled; the kit is a plain white t-shirt, black shorts/trousers and trainers).

Reading – Reading books must be returned every day.

Homework – All pupils are expected to read regularly. Additional pieces of homework may be provided by the class teacher, for example; spelling and numeracy exercises and occasional thematic projects.

Water bottles – children may bring water bottles to school (already filled). No other drinks are permitted, only water!!

Lost clothing – Please ensure that your child’s name is clearly marked on every item of clothing.

Clubs – Please see parents section for after school clubs.

Fruit - We are a healthy school. Please provide your child with a healthy snack to eat at break times. A piece of fruit can be bought for 20p at our fruit tuck shop




Blog Dyffryn Wen

Dyffryn Wen Blog


Dilynwch y linc i weld ein blog.

Follow the link below to see our class blog




Rounding Rap

We loved using this rap to help with our rounding skills. This is a great video for helping students learn to round.